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Commercial Landscaping Services

Commercial Services

At the heart of our Commercial Maintenance division is an unwavering commitment to provide our clients with unparalleled service that is tailored to each unique property. To this end, each client is paired with a dedicated account manager who serves as a single point of contact for all needs and queries. Our team is equipped to maintain your grounds weekly in the growing season, address drainage issues on your property, or install a new irrigation system to water newly constructed annual beds.

Our account managers in Franklin, Murfreesboro, and surrounding areas strive to communicate openly and directly with you. In turn they work closely with our production and front-line team to deliver results for you.

Our front-line team members are trained in accordance with industry best practices and are equipped with the best tools available. We also leverage the expertise, equipment, and manpower from our robust construction division to tackle any job that your property needs! Partner with us, and allow us to be your one-stop shop!


Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Our commercial maintenance division offers a suite of tailored services, ensuring your property looks great year-round. From vibrant seasonal color rotations and precise irrigation system management to turf healthcare and fresh mulch applications, we’re committed to elevating your landscape’s beauty and health with efficiency and expertise. Your property and its ground have their own unique needs, and we are here to listen and provide a quote that fits your budget and priorities.

Services We Offer:

Landscape Enhancements

Southern Acre’s team of landscape construction and detail crews can handle a variety of projects to enhance your property’s grounds and image in Franklin, Murfreesboro and surrounding areas. We offer the installation of seasonal flowers, tree and shrubs plantings, irrigation installation, and drainage amendments to name a few! Please keep in mind that we can help scale projects to meet any budget. Our team of account managers uses the latest software and tools to help you understand the scope of your investment.

Services We Offer:

Irrigation System Management

Smart water management not only saves money but also contributes to a sustainable future for our community. Our technicians and team can help advise you on the best horticultural practices and the best approach to protect your landscape from drought of over-watering in Murfreesboro, TN and surrounding areas. We can also identify issues in your existing system and help identify key areas of improvement like installing a cellular & cloud-based smart-controller. From the installation of a full commercial system to the identification and remediation of a small, stubborn leak, our team can do it all.

Services We Offer:

Snow & Ice Management

Perhaps the least frequent service we perform and the most important service at the same time, our snow removal division is always on standby and ready for Middle Tennessee’s unpredictable and challenging winter weather. We offer snow plowing, ice melt applications, and hand labor to clear stairs, sidewalks and dangerous entry areas. We own a fleet of plows and take great pride in our responsiveness during inclement weather in Franklin, TN and surrounding areas. We also offer a snow priority program so you can rest easy knowing our team will always service your property quickly should we receive poor winter weather.

Services We Offer:

Commercial Construction

Our Landscape Construction division specializes in a variety of services from the execution of large, phased installation projects for a new master-planned neighborhood down to smaller-scale projects for a general contractor landscaping a new custom home for their client. Our teams handle everything from rough and final grades to the installation of large irrigation systems and municipal drainage requirements.

Landscape Installation

Taking pride in our vast network of growers, we source premium plants from across the country, guaranteeing diversity and quality in every project. Our team can plant 6” caliper trees, install sod for your community’s common area and install new turf for the community dog park, all for the same job. Let us handle all aspects of your next large (or small!) installation job.

Services We Offer:


Over the last several years, weather events in Middle Tennessee have become more severe and at the same time less predictable. These developments coupled with more urban density in the Nashville area has made Stormwater requirements not only more important but also more onerous. Place your trust in our team to help mitigate property damage from these rain events – whether you need something new constructed or aging infrastructure renovated; we are here to help. We own a fleet of earth-moving equipment and are primed to tackle any drainage challenge. Our teams can construct French drains, and re-establish large drainage ditches – one of many solutions we offer to redirect water flow away from buildings and other key infrastructure on your property.

Services We Offer:

Irrigation Installation

Let our talented irrigation team take over the heavy lifting and irrigate part or all of your property! Our talented team can handle everything from the installation of a large 2-wire commercial system to smaller, conventional systems that are meant to water only small key areas throughout your property.

Services We Offer:

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