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Residential Services

We appreciate the significance of a beautiful and well-maintained landscape for your home in Murfreesboro and Middle TN. We understand that your outdoor space is not just a backdrop but an essential part of your living environment. We specialize in service that will not only enhance the curb appeal of your property but also improve functionality, and create outdoor spaces that serve as extensions of your home. 


Landscape Design + Build Services

Through our partnership with local landscape design firms in Murfreesboro, Nashville and the surrounding areas, we are able to help design and advise you on implementing the landscape upgrade and design that you have in mind from soup to nuts! We can handle all aspects of the execution of such jobs, from the removal of old, tired landscape material to the installation of new and vibrant trees and shrubs. Our team is equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to bring any job to fruition.

Drainage Work

Managing water flow from your own downspouts (or even water coming from your neighbor’s property!) is a very important and complicated endeavor. Our team can help redirect water from your roof or driveway and yes from your neighbor as well. We utilize the best infrastructure available and can advise you on sustainable and effective solutions to keep your home and landscape safe from unwanted water.

Irrigation Repair + Installation

Many residential irrigation systems in Murfreesboro & Middle Tennessee lack the infrastructure or design to effectively and efficiently water your landscape. We are here to help and advise you on best practices that work and help modify your existing irrigation or install a brand new system should you not have a system in place. We can winterize your system and start it up in the spring while identifying key improvement areas and potential upgrades for you.