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Irrigation Services

Experience the Difference

Many property owners overlook their irrigation systems, but they are crucial for landscape health and cost management. Neglected systems can lead to increased water bills, plant deterioration, and even liability issues. Southern Acre Landscaping stands out by offering proactive irrigation maintenance, utilizing advanced technology for monitoring and promptly addressing issues. Our focus on efficiency and accountability through cloud-based controls ensures customers have peace of mind and effective irrigation management.


Proactive Approach to Irrigation Systems

Southern Acre provides a proactive irrigation system solution, utilizing cutting-edge technology to monitor and address any issues, ensuring peace of mind for clients. Through continuous evaluation and improvement, we’ve eliminated inefficiencies and increased accountability. Our adoption of cloud-based irrigation control technology offers clients enhanced visibility and our team superior tools for effective management.

Our Service Guarantee:

  • Foster a sustainable landscape
  • Conduct monthly irrigation system checks
  • Implement water management to minimize waste
  • Comply with local water restrictions while maximizing watering
  • Access irrigation controllers through a cloud-based tool
  • Monitor alerts, repairs, and landscaping tasks; provide professional cloud-based reports with photos

Our Standardized Irrigation Control System

The Weathermatic SmartLine irrigation controller integrates inputs such as sprinkler type, plant material, soil, and slope for each zone, utilizing an on-site weather station to tailor watering schedules to the landscape’s requirements. The Weathermatic SLW5 wireless weather station provides microclimate-specific weather data, including temperature, humidity, and rainfall. Cellular-based connectivity facilitated by the Weathermatic SmartLink Aircard allows remote access to the control system via the SmartLink software and mobile app, enabling programming changes, emergency shutdowns, and preemptive issue resolution through system alerts. This independent cellular function ensures secure communication without reliance on property Wi-Fi networks, utilizing Amazon AWS Cloud Security for protection against potential threats.

Web-Based Irrigation Software

  • Remote Access – Remote access to all of your SmartLink irrigation controllers enables us to make adjustments to your irrigation programs based on your needs. Whether it’s a special event, special irrigation adjustments or some property maintenance where you need the irrigation turned off, our staff can quickly make the necessary changes without having to send someone out to your property.
  • Daily Monitoring and Troubleshooting of Alerts – Continuous monitoring of on-
    site equipment conditions using the Weathermatic SmartLink network provides proactive alerts to issues allowing our irrigation technicians to troubleshoot, diagnose and correct issues as they occur.
  • Water Use Analysis and Savings Tracking – We can obtain and use customer supplied water bills to analyze usage and compare historical water use vs the current year using the Weathermatic SmartLink system which incorporates real time rain shutdown and daily weather-based adjustments.
  • Monthly Irrigation Inspections – Through the SmartLink Inspection tools, our team provides you with a comprehensive irrigation system report, detailing such items as non-functioning irrigation control valves, broken or misaligned sprinkler heads, broken lateral lines or main pipes. The list of needed repairs will be summarized in the report with photos and recommended repairs.
  • Asset Mapping – We utilize cloud-based online mapping tools to locate important assets such as water meter location, irrigation controller locations, and back-flow device location. This information allows our team to quickly locate important equipment on your property and provide prompt and efficient service.

SmartLine Controller and Weather Station

  • Controller makes daily water adjustments based on:
    • high/low temperature
    • humidity
    • plant type
    • soil type
    • sprinkler type
    • slope
  • Weather station set at each controller and communicates wirelessly
  • Automatic cycle soak to eliminate water run-off
  • Never loses date/time or programming due to power failure
  • Optionally omit days, times, and dates
  • Meets EPA Water Sense Criteria

SmartLink Software

  • Uses cellular communication
  • Powered by Amazon Cloud Services
  • Programming changes can be made remotely from any web enabled device
  • In-depth reports of run times and weather data
  • Asset tagging and zone mapping
  • Web based inspection reports with photo documentation
  • Daily alert reporting
  • Controller programming backup to the cloud